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Posted by White Key Villas on January 23, 2013

The Wonderful World of Antiparos

Unexpectedly well known to a sophisticated international following, Antiparos, named in ancient times Oliaros, is a small island in the heart of the Cyclades. Located as the name suggests, directly across from Paros, it is accessible by conventional means only through its neighboring sister island (either by speedboat or plane), while it can be otherwise conveniently reached by helicopter or private yacht.


Villa Melonia, near Antiparos Town  








Back in the seventies, its pureness initially attracted an international bohemian community, who learned to appreciate the island for its natural virginity. Over the years, the island managed to maintain its innocence, while simultaneously becoming the host of some remarkable properties. Refined architects and affluent peace-lovers longing for the perfect secluded summer retreat, joined forces in building some stunning villas, inspired by the untainted landscape. Today, you will find these secluded luxury enclaves spread discretely across the island, mostly near a wonderful beach, without finding any structured residential area spoiling the island’s finesse. And this is basically Antiparos’ success story; although one will find here some of the most appealing luxury villas in Greece, offering exceptional contemporary accommodation and amenities, the local ambience preserves its Cycladic simplicity and rural naiveté.  


A small selection of family friendly, secluded luxury villas on Antiparos:

Villa Leandros                       Villa Thaleia                              Villa Lyda

luxury villas antiparos greece luxury villas antiparos greece luxury villas antiparos white key

Villa Maya                               Villa Ammos                          Villa Thymari

luxury villas antiparos greece luxury villas antiparos greece luxury villas antiparos white key 

It is in such a context that even the beaches are not organized nor flooded with loungers and umbrellas. Instead, Cycladic sandy beaches, featuring no music, no mayhem, no animation but only the soft humming of the sea, invite for beach experiences in an innocent setting similar to the one we were accustomed to when we were children.  

Slow-paced and humble, Antiparos is quite an unpretentious cosmopolitan island. Its small size allows guests to explore it in just a couple of days. However, this is the exciting part about it. You will be intrigued by the sweet routine you will find yourself experiencing. Before you know it, you will greet your baker or restaurant owner on a first name basis and start smiling at recurring faces.

Don’t mistake size for quality. You will actually be surprised by the variety of bars and tastes you will be able to choose from, varying from fresh fish, delicious fresh produce and the most traditional Greek dishes to loving Italian delicacies or even exotic Indian flavors.

Socializing basically takes place around the one and only main square right by the small port, which is surrounded by picturesque commercial alleys, as well as small restaurants and bars.  As the small alleys around the main square are pedestrian, it is quite the spot for mingling and meeting people. Enjoy the chic-ness of your flip-flops, the relaxed dress code and laid-back rhythm and take your drink for a walk around the goings-on. If you happen to think that the person in shorts, uncombed hair and t-shirt carries a striking resemblance to that famous actor or singer, don’t get surprised if you figure out that it is actually them. In all its modesty, Antiparos is known for sheltering celebrities incognito. 


The Sandy Soros Beach 

Luxury Villas Greece White Key Soros Beach


For the restless souls visiting the island, there is actually a plethora of things to do: Take a boat to the beautiful island of Despotiko, which is actually a place of great archeological importance and also features a unique beach and hop by the two tiny islands forming the blue lagoon south of the Makria Miti of Paros. Several other Cycladic islands such as Sifnos, Schinoussa, Donousa, Koufonissia are within a short reach from Paros. Our local concierge will make sure to make this an unforgettable boat experience for you, providing all information on the type of boats (rib boat; traditional Greek Kaiki boats) as well as taking care of all relevant reservations!

Then there is always the intimacy with Paros. The shuttle ferries commuting between both islands approximately every fifteen minutes, function as a constant threshold to either island. All of Paros’ attractions and elaborate sportsclubs like the famous Pounda Beach known for kite surfing and scuba diving, or the prominent Golden Beach for windsurfing are thus always kept at close reach, even to Antiparos residents.  

Antiparos can be considered a perfect family summer resort, a magical hideaway capable of redefining the meaning of quality time spent with your loved ones. Indulge in the comforts of one of our serene Antiparos Villas and take in the sun and the sea in their purest essence.

View our entire Luxury Villa Portfolio on Antiparos

View Luxury Villa Thaleia’s Video Presentation


A Small White Key Guide on Antiparos

Eating out: 

Antiparos Town

Lollos: On the coastal road at of the main town. This Italian restaurant owned by an Italian lady that spends her summers there is the food landmark of the island (it does not take reservations)

Yiorgis: A delightful Taverna, with all the traditional Greek dishes available. Yiorgi and his family enjoy serving their customers – service with a smile is guaranteed. Tel: +30 22840 61362

La Louche: This new arrival in the town of Antiparos is a big plus. Opened by a Chef of Belgian nationality who has worked in many gastronomique restaurants in the past such as “Comme chez soi” in Brussels. Fed up with the nouvelle cuisine he has now a very simple and elegant approach towards food. +30 22840 61715

Klimataria: This traditional Greek taverna has been there from the 80’s, and has been situated in a beautiful internal courtyard. Food never deceives you. Tel: +30 22840 61298

Margarita: Situated on the main road of Antiparos town, this is the renowned place to have a good brunch on the island.

Vicky’s: This little shop has homemade ice cream; go inside and get lost within the flavors. Tel: +30 22840 61012

Sifneiko Beach

Sunset Deseo: The best spot to watch the sunset and eat Fresh Mediterranean cuisine. Tel: +30 2284061719

Agios GiorgisCaptain Pipinos: The place to go if you want to eat fresh fish and crab feet. Located right next to the sea, it offers an unforgettable experience. Tel: +30 22840 21823



Soros is one of the most famous beaches of Antiparos. Soros has nice trees that provide comfortable shade when the sun gets strong. The blue crystalline waters are great for swimming. Located 10 km south of Chora.

Glifa Beach is among the longest and the busiest on the island. It is surrounded by many hotels, beach bars and taverns. Located 4 km south of Chora.

Panagia is one of the most picturesque beaches on Antiparos and a great spot to relax. Located 3 km south of Chora.

Vathis Volos is a calm beach on the southern side of Antiparos, close to Agios Georgios. It is not organized, so it provides a nice place to relax. Location: Located 12 km south west of Chora.

Faneromeni. Located on the northern part of the island, Faneromeni is actually two beaches close to the church which shares the same name. The one facing north-east has a moon-like landscape with a rocky sea bottom, while the second one faces south-west and is a beautiful small sandy bay.

Let the Sunshine into the New Year!

Posted by White Key Villas on January 8, 2013
Entering a New Year always spurs a rejuvenating vigor related to new dreams, goals and possibilities laying aheadNow is a good time to use this magical creativity to perfectly organize the most sought-after period of the year, the sacred family time, spent during your summer holidays.  


Taking you a step ahead on your quest and triggering your senses, we have selected nine properties located right on the beach, which we consider especially child and family friendly.



Luxury Villas Greece White Key



Have a look and let us design with you an exceptional summer experience in one of our villas for you and the people you hold dearest. 


As a special treat, we offer to all bookings made in one of the properties indicated below prior to February 10th, a complimentary family boat ride, meant to excite both, guests who are young in age as well as young at heart in the group!

Browse through our small selection of Family Friendly Luxury Villas in Greece and find the property that is just perfect for your upcoming summer vacation. 

To see our entire villa portofolio in Greece visit our White Key Villas site.

Historical Rhodes: a blend of natural beauty and modern luxury

Posted by White Key Villas on January 14, 2011

WhiteKey Rhodes Greece2                                 An alley inside Rhodes Old Town 


Rhodes is the largest island of the Dodecanese group and one of the most historical ones in Greece. As showcased by the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven World Wonders, throughout ancient times, it was believed to belong to Helios, the God of the Sun and that for good reason: with more than 300 days of sunshine a year and over 250 kilometers of coastline, this island must have a divine blessing.

The natural beauty of the island and the monuments from its long and often turbulent history, combine a lively present with a rich historical past. On the one hand, Rhodes offers perfect beachfront settings and superb luxury properties like Villa Callirrhoe, which rank among Condé Nast Traveller’s Best European Villas; on the other hand, it also offers a great variety of cultural and historical sites and sports activities.

If you are into sports, enjoy sailing, scuba diving and certainly windsurfing, but also golf or tennis. If you are eager to explore the island’s curiosities visit the Valley of Butterflies – a place where during July and August you will be charmed by thousands of butterflies! Combine a visit to the ancient Acropolis of Lindos with an unforgettable culinary journey to Mavrikos, the awarded family restaurant, which impresses even the most sophisticated foodies with its inventive fine Greek cuisine. Don’t let the superficial simplicity fool you; Nelson Rockefeller, members of Pink Floyd and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis are just very few of the guests who have savored the restaurant’s delicacies. Alternatively, have us organize you a day-trip on a private boat, either to the islands of Symi or Halki or even to the vibrant port city of Marmari just across the shores of Rhodes!


white key villa rhodes callirrhoe  white key luxury villas greece rhodes      

                                                                 Villa Callirrhoe, Rhodes


The island’s capital lies outside and within the walls of a very well preserved Venetian castle, built by the Knights of Saint John. UNESCO has declared this famous Old Town with its great palace and massive protective walls a World Heritage Site, especially because of the fact that it is still being inhabited. It is not a monument but a very lively part of the city. Have your private guide take you back in time through the alleys of the castle and unwind later on in one of its many restaurants and bars.

With such a vast coastline, Rhodes also offers a great assortment of beaches. No matter the constellation of your group, if you are in the mood to leave the haven of your luxury villa to explore the coasts you will definitely find the one beach that suits your lifestyle: select among the fabulous, large sandy beaches on the east and south (which are a treat for families with children), the windsurfing beaches like Prassonisi on the southern tip, the party beaches like Faliraki and Rhodes Town and the almost forgotten rocky beaches on the northwestern coast. No matter your preferences, look out for what most beaches have in common and ask us for the nearby traditional taverna where you can enjoy fresh fish prepared on the spot.

Rhodes is easily accessible by plane and its international airport is often connected directly to many European cities. Alternatively, you can arrive by boat passing by a variety of Aegean islands. 

A phone call away from your dream vacation in Greece

Posted by White Key Villas on July 2, 2010

I was reading Travel+Leisure’s very interesting article  “7 tips for villa rentals” and was happy to see that one of the first three tips was “Get on the phone” (and ask questions). After more than five years of renting luxury villas in Greece, we believe that this is the most important thing that someone interested in renting a villa should do and we strongly encourage our clients to.
White Key Villas Service



We don’t think that renting a villa is something one can ‘shop on the internet’ simply because this decision requires a lot of information that cannot be given online.  A villa is a destination in itself and we pride ourselves for being able to advise which destination and which villa is the ideal match for a guest, based on various factors like the composition of the group, children and their age, the vacation preferences and many more. The more information we get, the better able we are to propose ideal matches. This is what distinguishes locally based agencies, which know their villas and destinations intimately, from “super-market” agencies, where it is impossible for reps to have visited all the villas they represent.

We try to spend a night or two in each villa we represent and we thus get to know much more than how many bedrooms a villa has, or which is the closest town… And this kind of knowledge makes the difference.  There have been many cases when by discussing with a client, we convince them to choose an entirely different resort than the one they were originally contemplating and they are always thankful afterwards. 

So next time you are thinking of renting one of our luxury villas, give us a call (or let us call you) and give us as much information as possible. We will feel happy to know that you are going to the ideal villa for you and after all, there is nothing sweeter for us than that email when you get back home telling us that you had a wonderful holiday.  




Enjoy a break in an elegant luxury villa in Antiparos-Greece

Posted by White Key Villas on June 2, 2010

Villa Thaleia in Antiparos is now offered at a special 6-day ratefrom July 3rd – July 9th

Due to a 6-day opening only, Villa Thaleia is offered from July 3rd – July 9th at a reduced price, including daily maid service, services of a wonderful local cook and travel assistance and concierge service. For those who have a small summer break and want to indulge in pure elegance. 


villa thaleia antiparos white key luxury villa thaleia antiparos white key white key vluxury villa thaleia antiparos greece
                                                                5 Bedrooms, 8 – 10 Guests

Located at only a hundred meters from Soros, Antiparos’s most famous beach, this luxury villa is the epitome of style. An ideal family villa that has everything to make those simple family moments, precious. It is designed so as to extend the spacious living areas to the pool area right in front, which is surrounded by a garden with flowers; it also features a pergola-shaded dining area and furthermore enjoys wonderful sea views towards Paros and the strait between. Read more here


Access our new Special Promotions Page here 

Patmos: Apocalypse Now!

Posted by White Key Villas on May 24, 2010

“A place of wonders both natural and divine, the Greek island of Patmos has drawn solace seekers for nearly 2,000 years – without ever losing its cool”

New york Times, Travel, Summer 2009 

white key villas in patmos

                                                                                                    The Chora in Patmos

Some places are known for their invigorating field of energy; others for their nobility and beauty. Patmos, the spiritual island of the Dodecanese, is charismatic enough to be known for both. As such, it has managed to be one of the most authentic Greek destinations with a devoted following consisting of a most sophisticated international crowd.

Patmos has a strong religious history and is probably best known as the place where St. John received his visions and wrote the Book of Revelation in 95 AC. Ever since, people have been traveling far to absorb its spiritual heritage in the midst of peaceful Aegean beauty. Importantly enough, the small population of this remote island, as well as its refined visitors, have been most respectful of its history, not allowing it to become overly touristy and keeping Patmos delightfully unspoiled. 

The two important settlements of Patmos are Skala, located right by the port and the very atmospheric Chora, which is situated on top of the hill, crowned by the island’s landmark, the Monastery of Saint John the Theologian – both declared as World Heritage Sites. If the overall history and tranquility of the island sound not inciting enough yet, the magical scenery of the Chora will definitely captivate you. 

WhiteKey_LuxuryVillaAnnarella_Patmos_Greece Whitekey_LuxuryVillaArtemide_Patmos_Greece WhiteKey_Luxury_Honeymoon_Patmos_Greece_

  Villa Annarella                      Villa Artemide                    The Honeymoon Suite
White Key Villa Penelope Patmos Greece White Key Villa Vittoria Patmos Greece

                                                                                                                                              Villa Penelope                                                      Villa Vittoria


Picturesque cobbled alleys cut like small rivers through beautiful mansions of 17th century architectural style, which testify to the wealthy society of a different epoch. Noble bohemians from all over the world have fallen in love with the Chora’s ambience. They have bought and beautifully restored the traditional mansions, keeping the unique spirit of this old town alive.  The magnificent facades are intriguing; the richly and beautifully decorated interiors are unique and stunning.  Patmos is not to be measured with modern standards of luxury; it is not about open spaces, minimal design and beachfront sea views. Its essence lies in the authentic and timeless spirit to be found in every thoughtful detail comprising these villas. Walking in the small alleys with their beautiful stone pavements, among the stylish mansions with their precious antiques and distinguished class, you will get transferred into a different era enjoying a different state of mind. No wonder that numerous celebrities choose Patmos for finding inspiration and peace of mind and that Forbes Magazine has included it among the most idyllic places to live in Europe.           


We fully agree that this is exactly what makes Patmos worth visiting. If you want to experience the island in its full grace, you should stay in one of the traditional residences in the Chora, which give an entirely unique definition to the term “luxury villa”.  We can suggest some of the most historical and magnificent Villas in PatmosVilla AnnarellaVilla Vittoria and Villa Artemide. Being enamored of this island ourselves, we have treasure hunted for exceptional residences even for our most demanding guests; if you want to stay in an authentic Patmos residence, without missing out on the more luxurious qualities like a private pool and the wonderful Aegean sea view, then, Villa Penelope is just the rare seafront estate you were looking for! And for the most romantic among you, the Honeymoon Suite is a spellbinding residence for a single couple.

Even in the unlikely event that you get bored of this spiritual and very bohemian atmosphere, there is always the option to rent a boat and sail your thoughts to one of the neighboring islands for a while. However, be aware that your heart will probably stay in Patmos forever. 

Get more information on Patmos here

It is business as usual here in Greece*

Posted by White Key Villas on May 7, 2010

* warm sun, crystal clear blue seas, beautiful scenery and the most amazing villas. 


We felt that we should offer you an update on Greece, since it has received a lot of attention from the international media lately, sadly, for the wrong reasons.

Being located in Athens, we would like you to know that things are running smoothly. It is true that the austerity measures that the government has announced have sparked some reaction. The recent incidents, however, were limited only in a very small area at the very center of Athens and are not affecting the tourism industry in general or the islands and other summer destinations in particular.


white key luxury villas greece rhodes

  Villa Callirrhoe, Rhodes, Greece 

The pleasant news is, that summer has arrived in Greece! At this moment, thousands of people are on vacation on the islands and beach resorts, enjoying a magnificent weather. The skies are blue, the endless shores are glistening with sun sparkles, nature is comprising a stunning scenery, the islands have put on their white clothes and warm and hospitable people are ready to welcome you.  

Greece remains the perfect destination for a most amazing summer vacation and a White Key Villa will make your holidays exceptional!

Mykonos: Greece’s Diverse Luxury Resort

Posted by White Key Villas on April 23, 2010

  White Key Luxury Villas Mykonos

   Mykonos Town by Night

Marvelous Mykonos is characterized by its traditional white, cubic Cycladic architecture and its picturesque windmills; situated in the center of the Cyclades, this famous beauty has attracted the likes of Jackie Kennedy and Aristotle Onassis only to become the place to be for “anybody who was anybody”, a liberal party diva blurring day and night into a non-stop celebration and a long-time favorite of international jetsetters and glamorous socialites. Mykonos is also a very gay-friendly resort, featuring some predominantly gay (yet fun for everybody) beaches like Super Paradise and bars like Pierro’s.

The charming thing about Mykonos however is, that it permits you to decide for yourself how near or far away you want to be from the crowd and tumult and one of the best ways to accomplish this, is by renting an exclusive villa. There is a great selection to choose from, either close to town, or away from it all.  Truth is, Mykonos is all about fine things and actually hosts some of the most exclusive private villa rentals in Greece, which function like private sanctuaries of peace and tranquility with stunning views over the Aegean, private pools and lavish comforts. It is up to you really, to decide, whether you want to leave your summer haven and to what destination.


WhiteKey Luxury Rental Villas Mykonos

    Villa Phaedra, Super Paradise

No matter your lifestyle and your preferences, Mykonos offers diverse entertainment. You can be part of the larger following of dressed-up fashion icons and celebrities, who enjoy the posh, organized beaches like Psarou and Elia, as well as dining in first class restaurants like Matsuhisa Nobu or Katrin’s and sipping cocktails in one of the island’s affluent cosmopolitan nightlife establishments like Astra.  

You are equally welcome to stay aloof from all the mayhem, opting for a calm yet opulent vacation, for which Mykonos also offers exquisite choices: Goto Rarity Gallery for some fine modern works. Vassillis and Christos the curators have extensive knowledge of international artists and their charm and gallery is a joy.

Opt for a visit to Agios Sostis and enjoy the splendor of dining ‘alfresco’ at Kiki’s overlooking the clear blue water sea. Say hi to Vassilis as you sample the modern Greek salads and have your chicken or pork chop cooked to perfection in an outdoor barbeque. This jewel in the crown of Mykonos is a favorite of noted artists and even restauranteur Nobu himself!

An imperative must do is to dash to the archeological site of Delos. Refresh your soul amongst the ruins and walk through the town where Cleopatra and Apollo once strolled. Is your idea of a magnificent meal a picnic on a mythical island? Savoring among the gods can be set up for you in a heartbeat! Finally, take your love to a sunset swim to the hidden cove of Kapari beach. And “surrender to destiny!” as a great Greek once said.

Well, such options are only a small example of the alternatives available for you on this extravagant islandand also why someone who is not necessarily a party animal should still be visiting Mykonos. Be certain, Mykonos has the whole package, tranquility and glamour, natural beauty and ultimate style. We at White Key Villas will be delighted to help you discover the Mykonos of your choice! Once we find a luxury villa that captivates you, working out the ideal mixture of socializing and quiet relaxation will come naturally!



Hydra, an International Artists’ Colony in Greece

Posted by White Key Villas on February 4, 2010


    Hydra Capital/Port


Some of the nicest memories I have from the 80s’ when I was a child spending the summer in Greece, were the cruises we took to Hydra, probably the most peaceful island in the Saronic Gulf. Car-free, with no modern means of transportation allowed, this island, where you had to find your way around only on foot, by mule, through a water taxi or some other floating vehicle, was always most intriguing to me.  I loved the sense of arrival to the port of Hydra, with the beautiful 18th century buildings greeting you. If you arrived early in the morning, colorful fisher boats with fruits, vegetables and certainly fresh fish were waiting for you right by the harbor. Once there, we were walking around the promenade and the small alleys in town eating really well at family -run taverns and browsing the little shops filled with handcrafted jewelry, artistic appliances and natural sponges that testified to the island’s once very active sponge diving tradition. And if you felt like a refreshing swim, it was either hiking to a rock from which you could access the crystal clear water or taking a little boat and finding a bay that suited your moods.

The amazing thing after all these years, is not the fact that Hydra still remains one of my favorite Greek islands; but that it has practically not changed at all.

     White Key Villa Margarita in Hydra Greece

       Villa Margarita

Serenity, peacefulness and an inspiring natural pureness, are still the predominant characteristics of Hydra. It is not surprising that during the 50s’ various artists, like Leonard Cohen, as well as a series of producers, discovered it as a refuge to relax and regain inspiration and as a forgotten paradise to be rediscovered in movies. To this day, Hydra keeps attracting new generations of artists, which nurture its many quality art galleries with fresh ideas and who keep this international community of artists alive.  No wonder, that just off the port, this little island also features a multilingual bookstore.

Hydra is also a favorite destination of sailing crowds, who either chose to sail out for the weekend or frequently organize competitions. It is a beautiful visual to see the little port blazed up with dozens of sailing masts.  That is the other interesting thing about Hydra, that even though it is not a touristy destination per se, it has a devoted, rather sophisticated following and a fashionable and cosmopolitan (night) life.

Truth is, Hydra is petite in size but grand at heart. It does feature a number of secluded towns throughout the island like Episkopi or Molos, but the port is the center and capital of the island.  An international community, comprised of members who have fallen in love with the authenticity of Hydra, have built beautiful and often pricy houses in town or on private cliff sides around the island, having the privilege to unwind in their isolated properties while being able to socialize in style upon request. The island’s close proximity to neighboring SpetsesPorto Heli and the shores of the Peloponnese in general offer alternatively the possibility for daily excursions and even cultural visits like to the ancient Theatre of Epidaurus.

When it comes to private luxury vacations, Hydra hosts some of the most amazing properties imaginable. Discretely, but with great elegance, it features a few most impressive villas hidden in private bays, accessible only by boat.  These estates are among the finest villas in Greece and certainly among the most exclusive rentals, which are kept offline and presented only on an ‘upon request’ basis. Ready for your private water taxi to take you around? Please contact us if you would like us to share more privileged information on that matter with you.

Places to Eat: 

  • Yacht Club (ex-Lagoudera): The famous bar-restaurant where even Grace Kelly,     Melina Merkouri, Onassis and Jackie Kennedy had a great time. 
  • Caprice: If you are craving Italian Cuisine, this is the place you should have your pizza located in Kamini. 
  • Castello: Enjoy Mediterranean dishes right on the beach, from finger food to gourmet lunch or dinner.
  • Sunset Restaurant -Kanonia: Delicious Greek Cuisine with Great views of the sunset.
  • Piratis: The legendary bar of the island right on the port of Hydra. Definitely have a drink here.  
  • Amalour: A lively bar with a nice (and mostly crowded) terrace on the outside serving nice cocktails.

 Things to Do

  • Browse the Art Galleries, look out for ongoing events.
  • Visit the churches of St. Constantine (Ag. Konstantinos), the Virgin Mary with its beautiful old clock and the impressive golden chandeliers, St. John (Ag. Ioannis) and there are about 160 monasteries on the island. Note: there is a dress code for most religious buildings: long skirts and covered shoulders for women, long trousers for men



There Is Something About Kardamili!

Posted by White Key Villas on January 18, 2010


Villa Jade Kardamili Peloponnese Greece

Villa Jade, Kardamili Greece 


When planning a vacation in Greece everybody is familiar with popular destinations like Mykonos, Corfu or Paros that righteously claim an international reputation. But seriously, who has ever heard of Kardamili (also spelled Kardamyli or Kardhamili)? It might come to you as a surprise, but the answer is: all well-versed sophisticated travelers! There is something about Kardamili, this small seaside village in Mani, located on the coast of the Peloponnese and even the strictest critics have been hailing it as Greece’s new insider “secret” destination. Articles in the The New York TimesConde Nast and The Lonely Planet are just a small example of the effortless prime editorial space Kardamili has been enjoying lately in prestigious travel media.


To be honest, we were somehow disappointed when it occurred to us that Kardamili was not our personal secret destination anymore and that other people got wind of its mesmerizing tranquility, its picturesque village and its pure natural setting that combines rich green vegetation and the sea so harmonically. This region of Greece is very beautiful in general, renowned for its traditional tower-houses, tranquil fishing villages and a delicious local cuisine. But now that the secret is out, we might as well share our own little insider tips with all of you, who are planning a luxury vacation in Greece and never thought that Kardamili could be the ultimate destination! Because what the above acclaimed media won’t tell you is, that in mystical Kardamili you can actually experience a vacation in outmost privacy and luxury of the highest international standards. In a small bay of Kardamili, surrounded by pine trees, endless olive groves, sun baked mountains and crystalline seawater, you will find Villa Jade one of the most luxurious private villas available for rent in Greece and certainly one of the most seductive ones regarding minimal architecture. The villa can be reached within a 45 min drive from the airport of the nearest town Kalamata or a 3.5 hrs drive from Athens. Add our offered services of five-star quality to your villa experience and orchestrate one of your most unforgettable vacations.


Places to Eat:


  • Lela’s Taverna, a lovely family-run restaurant set at a tiny harbor in Kardamili, serving delicious home-cooked traditional dishes.
  • Takis Taverna makes definitely worth the ride to the neighboring village of Limeni if you are craving fresh fish in an open-air taverna right by the sea!
  • Elies in Ritsa Beach, offers modern atmosphere with pastel tables under the trees and great Greek traditional dishes.
  • Akrogiali, a small seafront taverna located in the little harbor of Stoupa, offers great food and views to the harbor and to the the slopes of the Taygetos Mountain.


Things to Do:


  • Enjoy the numerous beaches of the area
  • Discover the various hiking trails set among the pure nature of Kardamili and Taygetos Mountain.
  • Visit the famous Caves of Diros in the Laconian part of Mani, which are among the most important natural sites in Greece with great archeological significance.